Wilbert Beasley with Body & Soul

Wilbert Beasley & Body 'N Soul

-Jim Beal Jr., SA Express News "Saluté tonight. Saturday, the little club will become the return of Wilbert Beasley, a singer; dancer and just maybe the best-dressed man in Texas showbiz, Beasley now fronts a band called Body-N-Soul, which includes former members of the Powerhouse band. With a smoking horn section and a sense for the show, Beasley and company heat up the night Saturday at Saluté…"

-Jim Beal, Jr., SA Express News
"Powerhouse, fronted by the kinetic, fleet-footed, perpetual motion machine Wilbert Beasley, a singer who changes clothing often enough to make Montell Jordan jealous, is in line to get the award for the most improved band in San Antonio... ...Turn Beasley loose with those songs as well as the James Brown and Wilson Pickett songbook, mix in some Dirty Dozen-style Mardi Gras party tunes and Powerhouse could generate enough electricity to worry City Public Service. And Beasley could give fashion tips to every other singer in town…."