Wayanay Inka

Wayanay Inka
Before the arrival of the Europeans to the Americas in the fifteenth century, Andean culture had evolved for thousands of years. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that there already existed a large number of musical instruments that had followed their own evolutionary path with the passage of time. After the Spanish conquest, Andean man assimilated and incorporated in his music and lifestyle instruments brought by the foreigners, using them as a starting point to develop new instruments and new ways to play them, thereby enriching Andean musical culture. WAYANAY INKA uses typical Andean instruments.

PerĂș, heart of the Inka culture, has presented us with a priceless gift: the musical group WAYANAY INKA. Founded July 4, 1984, in Lima, WAYANAY INKA has established a firm international reputation for being among the finest ambassadors of Andean music.

They perform the music of the Andes Mountains and all of Latin America. The group plays traditional songs, which the musicians rearrange to create a unique style, as well as original compositions, delighting all the senses with sights and sounds that will captivate you. On a regular basis, WAYANAY INKA, presents full-scale stage productions and plays for concerts, museums, universities, schools, theaters, shopping centers, clubs, restaurants and private parties.

WAYANAY INKA plays the zamponas or sikus, canes panpipes made of bamboo reeds tied together, with each reed tuned to a specific note. The quenas, vertical-notched reed flutes originally made from animal bones or bamboo. The charango, a ten-string native guitar-like instrument made of an armadillo's shell or wood. The spanish guitar integrated and developed as part of the folk music. The bombo, a tree trunk drum that anchors the rhythm with patient and echoing beats. The chajchas, a percussion instrument made from sheep's hooves dried in the sun, oiled and sewn into a wrist cloth.

They combine the skills and musical insights of four talented artists:

José Albornoz - Siku, Quena, Antara, Rondador, Ocarina & Voice
Luis Tovar - Charango, Guitar, Hualaycho, Roncoco & Lead Voice
Dante Montoya - Guitar, Bass, Charango & Voice
Gerardo Tovar - Siku, Quena, Antara, Ocarina, Percussion & Voice

They learned to play their instruments and the Andean music as a traditional transmission from their grandfathers. Through remarkable talent, intense practice, intimate knowledge of their culture, and, above all, passionate drive, WAYANAY INKA fills theaters and arenas internationally while preserving down-to-earth humility and love for human contact at the personal level.