Mathew Dixon

Mathew Dixon captures the spirit of Spain in every note he plays. A technically gifted player, Mathew allows the melodies of his flamenco-inspired music to ring out over his own virtuosity, creating a sound that calms the spirit while also evoking celebration from the soul.

Mathew began studying guitar at age 12. After mastering the fundamentals, he has gained proficiency in almost all musical styles. In 1995 Mathew began privately instructing on both guitar and bass guitar. Through teaching, he has focused on satisfying the individual needs of his students and has learned how to effectively share his knowledge with students of all levels.

The release of Mathew’s debut solo album “Changes” was greatly received by the Flamenco guitar community. Critics compare Mathew’s music to that of great artists such as Ottmar Liebert and Jesse Cook. Mathew has developed a unique blend of melody and rhythm that stands out among today's modern Flamenco guitarists.