Lou Cabaza

Lou Cabaza
One of the basic concepts in musical harmony is the circle of fifths, a sequence of tonalities that grow increasingly dissonant in relation to their starting point, and yet, by some miracle, return to home base and resolution at the end.
The circle of fifths is a fair metaphor for the life of LOU CABAZA, pianist and composer, who moved from blues to classical to success as a rocker by the time he was 20, even touring several years with Natalie Cole.
Returning to San Antonio, he played in hotel restaurants and developed a following as a spinner of poignant ballads, and given the opportunity, electrifying jazz. In the 70's, Cabaza joined a Houston group called The Stray Dog, which later toured with Joe Cocker and the Doobie Brothers.
Eventually, he began to play with The Gap Band, and in 1979 Natalie Cole heard him and immediately asked Cabaza to play piano for her. With Cole, he appeared on 'The Tonight Show,' played twice at Carnegie Hall, and performed often in Las Vegas.