John Jackshaw

Growing up, John Jackshaw says he was influenced by such greats as George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Jerry Seinfeld, and Rocky and Bullwinkel. Growing up, was in and of itself quite an accomplishment for John, being born sixteen-weeks premature. "I was the first partial birth delivery," John says. 

After losing his sight while obtaining a Radio-TV Communications degree, at the University of Houston, he pursued a successful radio career. His unconventional on-air antics set him apart from his peers, and served as a basis for his founding of a creative audio production company. However, taking his radical vision of the world, out of the studio and on to the stage has been the most energizing and rewarding experience of all. 

John took it to the stage, for the first time, on New Year's Eve of 1995. Friends and audiences persuaded him to transform a pleasurable past time to a promising career, And now he is on his way, as only one of two blind touring comedians in the country. 

Everything on the Third Rock, and beyond, is fair (or unfair) game for John's peculiar perspective. Whether it is a deranged serial hypnotist, Noah in jail, airline antagonistics, his unique slant on the news of the day, or outrageous ramblings about being blind, John finds humor in all of it. 

With a charismatic stage presence, and original clean material, John is fast making a name for himself as a top-notch prime time television quality comedian. He can be edgy enough for comedy clubs, while adhering to his own clean style that makes him perfect for television, radio, corporate, and fund raising events. John's commentary, on the adventures and obstacles of life, proves that laughter does strike twice in the same place.