Joe Posada

Talented, vibrant, intense, and determined. These are the elements most established musicians have in common in the music world. And most observers would probably say the same thing about San Antonio vocalist/saxophonist/entertainer Joe Posada on first impression. Well respected among his peers, Joe's strengths include an ear for ensemble playing, a gift for improvisation, and a drive for professional excellence.

On stage, the affable Posada is backed by his powerful, dynamic group. A naturally gifted musician, Posada is in his environment at stage front: talking up his audience, energetically singing his repertoire, and pumping out his blistering sax solos on his jazz compositions.

If there is anything that stays in your mind after seeing Posada perform, it is his driving vocal style, his visually exciting stage presence and the urgent sound that pours from his saxophone with polished intensity. It is a sound which is at once, emotionally saturated but clear and crisp, seductive yet forceful in its uniquely fluid arrangements.