Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Toro Flores

Toro is well versed in all percussion instruments and is a very accomplished self taught guitar player.After earning his bachelor of music in 1992, Toro has since played in a huge assortment of ensembles including rock, country, blues, classical, reggae, and of course jazz.
In 1995, Toro formed a staple of the San Antonio jazz scene with his Latin Jazz band, Zarabande. This amazing group of the best players in the city fused the great jazz standards of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, and many others with a Latin flavor creating an original, San Antonio sound that thrilled audiences across South Texas.
In early 2006, Flores met David Aman. And the Hot Sauce legacy begins!

David Aman

David's musical path has been a lucky one. His parents moved the family from Turkey to Iran to Italy and Spain. He awoke to the beautiful arabic melodies from the call of morning prayer. The middle eastern scales were like a magnet to his ears. By the time he got to Spain, his mother had fed him a healthy dose of Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan,Sergio Mendez Brazil 66, Pink Floyd and Bachmann Turner Overdrive. Musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Fiddler on the Roof and Man From LaMancha were sung constantly, the roles split between family members.The families' first video collection was Hee Haw.A new musical lesson from each hilarious viewing.

David's got his first guitar in Italy at 14. Though he had piano lessons at 8 he knew the guitar was his goal. David had been given a Christopher Parkening album at 12 and then Dire Staits Love over Gold. The Doors were also a favorite of David's Mom. Robbie Krieger, the Doors' guitarist played without a guitar pick. Only fingers. The same was with Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits.Also the same with the great Spanish Guitar maestro Andres Segovia. David knew he had master the fingerpicking style.David played guitar in groups through the years but loved the idea of solo guitar. Playing the bass lines and melody lines at the same time became an obsession after he and former bandmate Gigi Mckell saw a nylon string guitar player alone on the shores of Lake Chimse Germany late one night. "I know his first name was Roger but as his hands effortlessly played two different songs at the same time, I forgot everything else. His playing was so beautiful it shocked me. But I had to learn solo guitar after seeing that!!"

After moving to Texas in 1995, David really concentrated on the nylon guitar.He travelled through Brazil driving for weeks from San Salvador to the paradise of Jariquaqua. Costa Rica,Puerto Rico,Belize. Absorbing rythyms and chords of many Central and south American peoples. David was a drummer for the drum team "The Drum Cafe" and has done many team building corporate events using the African beats and pulses.David plays solo guitar throughout the romantic nooks and hidden venues of the San Antonio Riverwalk. "Muzac on Spanish guitar;" is how he describes his style. He also has a love of baroque music for classical guitar and has performed the music for hundreds of weddings.David is the featured soloist at the San Antonio Country Club each Easter Mothers Day and Thanksgiving. And no guitar pick in sight!