Dwight Scruggs

As he has proven on the internationally acclaimed BET ComicView, Dwight Scruggs is one of the funniest and most entertaining comedians around. He has traveled the comedy circuit for several years and if you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing his performance, then you’re in for a REAL treat. You see….he’s not just a comedian; he’s an entertainer! Once you experience his ability to make people laugh you’ll beg for more. Be prepared for a full night of laughter as Dwight packs in everything from narrative comedy to sing and dance to audience participation; fueling enough energy to keep you on the edge of your seat.
 Plagued by a life of strict rules and structure (which include growing up in a household with eleven children, earning a degree in Accounting, spending several years as an Army Officer, and serving a corporate position as Director of Sales) Dwight sought comedy as a stress reliever. However, through his tenure as a comedian, he has discovered a niche for his talent and now looks to “relieve the stresses of the world.” Thus bringing forth his first CD titled, “Everything There is to Know about Women.”

 A “top” comedy club headliner, Dwight has performed in many of the country’s most renowned club including The Improv and The Funny Bone. His diverse and interesting experiences make him the ideal choice for any venue. Other appearances include, corporate, college and religious events. He has also opened up for and performed with well known entertainers such as Patti LaBelle, Keenon Ivory Wayans, and D.L. Hughley to name a few. Dwight has done everything from entertaining wedding guests to motivating a crowd of young adults. He easily relates to his audiences and can uniquely customize his shows toward the organization for which he performs. Understanding the uniqueness of every environment, Dwight will avoid sensitive subjects as requested.

 Dwight’s style and versatility allow him to cross all spectrums of today’s society. He has mastered the art of providing full-scale entertainment and prides himself on not only making his audience laugh, but also giving them a show to remember.