The Corelli Players

The Corelli Players offer a broad range of musical options for many occasions. The core of the players is violinist John Schattenberg, group founder, and Doublas Beyer the group's principal violinist. Schattenberg is a former member of the Trinity University Orchestra and the San Antonio Community Orchestra. He is currently a member of the Saltarelli String Orchestra and has been a member of the UTSA Symphony Orchestra since its conception in 1982. Beyer has a lengthy orchestral resume, which includes ensembles such as the Ft. Worth All-City Orchestra, North Texas State University Orchestra, Colorado Springs Community Orchestra and many others. He is the concert master for the Saltarelli String Orchestra.

With Schattenberg and Beyer as the nucleus, the group can provide entertainment to accommodate any budget. Either of the violinists is well accomplished in solo work and when brought together provide an unforgettable harmonic experience for the listener. With the addition of UTSA Symphony cellist Rene Rinehart a string trio is hence assembled which offers a less costly alternative to a chamber ensemble. Rinehart holds a bachelor's degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The addition of a violist can be incorporated when a conventional string quartet is required. Another musical alternative is the team either or both of the violinists with pianist Peter Gloria. Various combinations of violins, cello and piano provide a foundation for numerous musical possibilities. Gloria carries a master's degree in music from Memphis State University and has an extensive resume of musical achievements of his own.