Brent Reed

Brent Reed | Clean Comedy - Motivational Speaking
Brent Reed's comedy can be described as, heartfelt, clean, family friendly, and GREAT for all ages! Brent believes in the need of this world to laugh! Not many comedians can do a Youth Program one night and a seniors program the next night and have them both walking away hurting from laughter. Brent has done many Churches, Corporations (Walgreens 50 plus a Valentine Banquet) Colleges, Schools, and many Banquets. Brent also travels as a Motivational Speaker about the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol in the Schools.
Brent Reed Biography
Brent is from Beaumont, TX and travels nationwide, full time. He is married to his wife of 19 years and has two boys. Brent was raised in the church and got his life back on track with God and started going to churches and giving his testimony! Brent has since cleaned up his life and his comedy. He has toured with Christian acts such as, Papa was a Preacher, and Christ in the Concrete City. Brent has performed with Gospel Music Artists including, Lesters, Mercy Mark, Dove Brothers, Gann Brothers, Men of Music, Dixie Echoes, Thrasher Brothers and many more! When you book Brent, remember that your are not getting a edgy comic but and experienced comic that picks up on the smallest things and has fun with it!
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